And so it begins…

I have always loved reading, for as long as I can remember. As a child I used to devour books – I read at the table while eating my cereal in the morning, I lived for D.E.A.R. at school, I stayed up way too late reading my favorite books. The fictional Rory Gilmore (of Gilmore Girls) and I grew up together, and we shared our bookworm tendencies.  Like Rory, I was never without a book.  If I was nearing the end of a book, it wasn’t unusual for me to be out and about with two books in my purse. I brought a book to dinner out, where sometimes my mom and I sat across from each other at TGI Fridays, each with a book in hand in a companionable and wonderful reading-filled silence. In college I brought a book for the bus ride from my dorm to my classes. Any time there was a waiting room (at the dentist, the doctor, the vet) or a line to wait in (the DMV springs to mind), my book was always there to keep me company. There was even a time or two I brought a book to a bar. When I moved across the country and made the drive to my new home 20 hours away, it wasn’t music that kept me company, but audiobooks.  Nowadays, my Kindle goes with me everywhere I go (I know it’s terrible to admit it but I LOVE my Kindle. I have an entire library with me at all times, I no longer need to load myself up with paperbooks in case I finish one).  And audiobooks? They are my newest obsession.  You mean I can ‘read’ a book while I fold laundry, make dinner, do the dishes or bike to work?  Amaaaaaazing!

Last January, I made myself a lofty goal to read 100 books in 2016.  I fell a bit short, due to the pressures of life which always seem to get in the way of reading.  (But not anymore, thank you again, audiobooks!!)  This year I made a more achievable goal of 75 (but you know what? I shouldn’t settle…aim for the moon…even if you miss, you’ll still have read tons of amazing books!) but I’d like to up the ante a bit.  I want to review every book I read this year.  I may live to regret this, but only time will tell.

And so it begins…


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