My Day as Luna Lovegood – World Book Day 2017

Today I got to celebrate my favorite books by personifying one of my very favorite characters.

Not only did I dress as the quirky and loveable Luna Lovegood, but I also got to see my inner Luna coming out today, and it was wonderful! Maybe I should have felt silly taking the bus to work in my spectrespecs and homemade radish earrings and walking around school all day in hair extensions casting spells, but I didn’t feel even a bit self conscious. I embraced the wacky, and the ‘I don’t care if you think I’m weird, I’m going to be myself’ attitude that Luna wears so well. It was so different from my normal anxiety-filled self, and I loved it. Dressing as Luna brought out a more self-assured version of myself. I felt more confident, embraced my quirks, and really liked who I was. And I could feel other people respond to this version of me.  My students were calmer and listened even better than usual, which in turn made me feel even more confident.

And what’s more, I got to spend the day talking about my favorite book series with my students and watch their enthusiasm as they discovered different book characters (formally their normal boring teachers) around the school. And all day long I heard students and teachers talking about books books books! World Book Day is a wonderful thing.


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