WWW Wednesday 29 March 2017

WWW Wednesday, hosted by Taking on a World of Words is a weekly meme showcasing what you are currently reading, what you just finished reading, and what you plan to start reading next.
What I’m currently reading:

Tricky Chances: The second book in Camryn Eyde’s Tricky series (lesfic). I’ve been waiting for this one to come out since I finished the first book in the series and it’s nice to revisit the characters and watch their relationship continue to develop. 

A Light in the Darkness: A post-apocalyptic journey for a girl who hears Voices of the dead. I’m really enjoying this book so far; the concept is great and just the right amount of spooky.

A Thousand Pieces of You: I found this book when I was browsing through the “available now” audiobook section of the library, and Blanca toy judging the books by their covers. (But seriously, how gorgeous is that cover?!) I’m really glad I gave it a try. I’m 3 chapters in and it has me pretty hooked. I’m really interested in alternate dimensions so this seems to be right up my alley!

What I recently finished reading:

See my review for The Upside of Unrequited here. Reviews for Strawberry Summer and The Crown coming later this week. 

What I’m planning to read next

I’m sure I’ve gotten lot of books lined up but I can’t remember what else I’ve got on deck!
What’s your WWW? Leave a note or a link in the comments. 🙂


7 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday 29 March 2017

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    1. It’s very interesting! It’s a self-published book and I’ve never branched out into that before, blogging is really expanding my horizons! So far it’s really good. 🙂


    1. I’d never heard of it but the cover completely drew me in. I’m almost looking forward to the ironing today because I’ll be listening to it. (ALMOST!)


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