Top Ten Tuesday is a fun weekly link-up in the community where the lovely ladies at The Broke and The Bookish provide a prompt and other lovers of list-making join in on it with their own top ten list. This week’s topic is: Fandom Freebie

For my Fandom Freebie, I’m going to give you 10 things I absolutely love about Harry Potter.

Top Ten Reasons I’m a Major Harry Potter Geek:

1.The magic.  I mean seriously, who hasn’t dreamt of being able to wave a magic wand and make things happen? Following Harry as he goes from ordinary muggle to wizard and joining him as he discovers an amazing world of magic at Hogwarts is a wonderful way to vicariously live in the magical world.

2. It fights off depression and anxiety. When my anxiety gets the best of me or my mood drops into a low place, I turn to books.  They calm and soothe me, and help me re-center myself. And there is no better book for this than the Harry Potter series.  My all time favourite spell is expecto patronum which actually fights off the physical embodiment of depression, the dementors.

3.  Hermione Granger. Hermione is an amazing character, quite possibly my favourite of all time. She’s strong, intelligent, amazing at magic and badass.  And she doesn’t hide her wonderful nerdiness.6360610930153286481222520839_original-18811-1420566510-35


4.  The friendships. Harry, Hermione and Ron. Fred, George and Lee. Dean and Seamus. Lavender and Parvati. This series is riddled with incredible friendships and I love it.

5. The way it brings people together. People of all ages love these stories, and I’ve found  really bond over Harry Potter. I bond over Harry Potter trivia and I chat with strangers about their Hogwarts house (Proud Ravenclaw here!). And now that I’ve successfully converted my family into Potterheads too, it’s really something we bond over and geek out about together. We’ve all been sorted and our houses are extremely accurate and I couldn’t have picked them better myself.

6.  It’s like an old friend. It doesn’t matter how many times I read the Harry Potter series, it never gets boring. Nothing will ever quite match the magic of discovering it for the first time, but coming back to these books year after year is like visiting old friends with whom you can pick right up again as if no time has passed.

7. It’s so British. I didn’t recognise all the British-isms of this series the first several times I read it. Obviously I knew the author was English but I was reading the American version with American spellings and it wasn’t until I moved to England and started teaching that I realised how many little things I had assumed were Hogwarts specific, but are actually very British. School houses and house points (merits), prefects and Head Girl and Head Boy, the fact that both football and quidditch are played on a pitch (and it’s not a made up term for the magical world) are just a few examples.

8. Luna Lovegood. Luna is my role model. She is unique and wacky, and she doesn’t give a damn if you don’t like it. People thinks she’s loony, but it doesn’t phase her. I suffer with anxiety and spend a good portion of my life worrying about everything and everyone around me, and I aim to be more like Luna. Perhaps Luna Lovegiod is my patronus.

9. It’s perfectly acceptable to love Harry Potter as an adult. Nobody judges me (too much) for my slight obsession with Harry Potter. And if they do judge it’s probably because of the fact that I’m dressed in HP paraphanelia from head to toe, and not because I’m “too old” to be a part of the fandom. There’s no wrong age to love Harry Potter. People my age grew up with the books, and now we’re introducing our children to them. Others grew up right alongside the actors/characters in the films. People of all ages love the amazing world of Harry Potter.

10. It brings the magic to life. JK Rolwing created not just a story, but an entire magical universe that people want to be a part of. Children and adults alike dream of the day their Hogwarts letter will arrive (mine came two Christmasses ago…obviously my owl got lost!) and practise their spell work. These books are the most incredible escape, and truly makes you feel as if magic is real, if only while the book is open.
What fandoms do you love? Leave a note in the comments and celebrate your inner (or outer) fangirl or boy.

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  1. I love this list! Harry Potter is amazing for so many different reasons. I think I like #5 the best of all – you can talk to almost anyone about Harry Potter and it is so fantastic. Great list!!

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  2. Seriously great reasons there! I devoured all the movies when I was little but for some reason(gah!) I didn’t read the books, then when I started reading books, I thought I was too old to read them now but last year I was like no can do, I have read them so I just started reading them in October, I am on to book 3, would have read faster but Adult fiction and NewAdult fiction keeps calling my name lol. That is why I felt kinda like cheating putting HP on my list and only that is why it is not there, once I finish with the books, it will be there cause I’ll be deserving it lol.
    Oh I feel like watching it now, never watched anime, I do want to though but dunno where to start. You make some great arguments there lol so might as well start with this show.
    New Bloglovin’ follower here yay!
    Here’s my TTT

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