A Light in the Dark by Kelly Bedford

Book: A Light in the Dark

Author: Kelly Bedford



Hearing the Voices of the dead is something Gracie Charles has endured her entire life. When the power grid suddenly fails across the globe, she finds herself alone and facing a dark and dangerous journey through an unforgiving landscape, in hopes of finding sanctuary with friends who share her gift.

I was given a free copy of this book by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

A Light in the Dark was described to me as a post-apocalyptic survival journey of a girl who hears the Voices of the dead, which sounded extremely interesting in concept. In reality, it was just as interesting and what’s more it was a really well-done book that I was so glad to get a chance to read. This book gave me major Walking Dead vibes, in the best way possible (and without the zombies!) Gracie is gifted with the power to hear the Voices of the dead and this book starts by exploring the history of her gift and those of her friends from camp. But then the lights went off and all Hell broke loose.

Things I liked:

  • The paranormal aspect of this book was very interesting but not particularly scary – the scary factor came from the apocalyptic aspect of it.
  • It was a really well thought out story. I loved how one thing that seemed irrelevant later turned out to be linked to another part of the story.
  • Gracie’s survival skills were top notch.
  • Excellent editing and wonderful writing!
  • The concept was different and compelling.
  • The characters were fantastic, particularly Andy.

Things I didn’t like:

  • Andy was amazing, but at times he seemed a bit too old for his age. Perhaps this comes from a need to grow up fast after the lights went out. Or perhaps my kids are just immature for their age so I don’t have an accurate comparison!
  • There were a couple times where I noticed the descriptions of people seemed a bit basic, just hair and eyes. This wasn’t a big deal for me because I’m not able to visualise the mental pictures in my mind (seriously, I didn’t know this was a thing or that other people actually can do that until a few months ago) but I don’t know if that would matter to others.
  • That’s it! I thought this book was great!

All in all I thought this was a fantastic book. One of the coolest things I’ve discovered since starting a book blog is the opportunity to get to read advanced copies of books and books I never would have read otherwise. A Light in the Dark is a self-published book and it never would have made it on my radar if the author hadn’t approached me. But I’m so glad she did because this was a great read.



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