Top Ten Tuesday: Book Turn-offs

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by the Broke and the Bookish. Last week’s topic was things that instantly make me want to read a book. This week is the opposite: things that will make me NOT want to read a book.

In no particular order here are my top ten book turn-offs:


  1. Comparisons to other books (especially Gone Girl!). Comparisons to Gone Girl or Girl on the Train are designed to sell books, but they really just annoy me. I thought Gone Girl was great when I read it way back when but I’m TIRED of hearing books being touted as ‘the new Gone Girl.’ The books usually have nothing in common outside of genre or some kind of twist.  To be honest, I usually end up reading and liking these books, but please just STOP slapping the words ‘Gone Girl’ on books!
  2. A cover that looks like it should have Fabio on it. As a kid I remember seeing all the romance novels on the shelves at the grocery store, Fabio’s rippling chest and some scantily clad woman hanging all over him…blech. Those covers are such a turn off for me. I’m sure those romance novels are perfectly good books but I just can’t and won’t do it.
  3. Speaking of covers, an ugly cover. Yes I know it’s fickle but I can’t help it. The cover really helps sell a book to me.  If the cover is ugly or isn’t illustrated or just rubs me the wrong way, I’m not likely to read the book.
  4. Low ratings on goodreads. I know I should make up my own mind, but I put a lot of trust in goodreads. If a book has a lot of low ratings I probably won’t even try it.
  5. Insta-love. I’d like a slow burning romance with lots of tension! Don’t get me wrong, I read a lot of books that end up surprising me with the insta-love trope and this one is not necessarily a deal-breaker, but it tends to make me roll my eyes.
  6. Another popular trope in the YA genre, love triangles. I think this is on a LOT of lists this week.  Because I tend to love YA books, I read a lot of love triangles. Some are better than others, and love triangles won’t usually stop me reading a book but it will make me more wary.  Why, why, why do authors keep writing love triangles into so many YA books?!
  7. Overly descriptive, too much prose. I really like good dialogue and I have a hard time with too much description.  I think this is likely due to my inability to create mental images, but I do NOT need to read 4 pages describing the road the main character walks down!
  8. Short stories. They’re just not my thing.  I know there’s some really good short stories out there, but I’m just not drawn to them.
  9. Series with too many books. I read all 12 books of the Marked series and while the series wasn’t too bad, it took me over two months to read them all. This is just too much of a book commitment!
  10. ‘I’m just not into it right now’ books. I can’t really explain this one, but there are certain books that I’ll start, and just don’t get into it.  It may be because the opening didn’t grab me, or I’m not really feeling the characters, or the topic hits too close to home, or some other je ne said quoi. But sometimes I’m just not feeling a book and I have to put it down and move on to something else.  Sometimes I’ll leave it on my ‘currently reading’ shelf and come back to it, sometimes I never manage to come back to it.  But if I’m just not feeling a book, for whatever reason, I no longer like to keep plugging on with it and hoping it will get better.


What are your bookish turn-offs? Leave a comment and share your own TTT link. 🙂





8 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Book Turn-offs

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  1. Yes, there are way too many books with the Gone Girl ref. Scratch that, I haven’t read the next Gone Girl yet, there is no compairing! Low ratings were a scratch-that for me too but now I have some trusted bloggers and if they like it, even if it has a low rating, I’ll still have faith I’ll like it :-).

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  2. Book comparisons are the worst! Every book is compared to the same five other books, and none of the comparisons are accurate. I have no yet read a book that deserved to be called the “Game of Thrones for teens.” I gather they just mean “there are many points of view in this book.” I also can’t believe Court of Fives was compared to Little Women. Like…because the main character has sisters? That does not merit a comparison!

    I’m also turned off by low Goodreads ratings, unless the book hasn’t even been released and people haven’t really read it yet. I think most people tend to rate fairly high, so if something has a lot of ratings but like a two star average, it’s often a good sign for me to stay away.

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