Top Ten Tuesday: Book Cover Bliss

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by  the lovely ladies at the Broke and the Bookish who are very fond of lists! This week’s topic is a cover freebie, which means it can be literally ANYTHING about covers!

I absolutely love book covers.  I love wandering through a bookstore, enjoying that amazing new book smell and eyeing up all the gorgeous covers. An eye-catching book cover will instantly make me want to know more, and I’m about 37% more likely to read a book with a great cover.

Because I love book covers so much, I’ve been thinking about this post for weeks and have been completely torn about which direction I’ve wanted to take it.  But without further ado, here goes…

Eye-Catching Colours

I’ve known since I saw the topic it that Claudia Gray’s Frebird books have to be on this list, because they probably have the most stunning cover art I’ve ever seen.  I mean seriously, look at them! *insert heart eyes emoji here*

I absolutely love the single colour/beautiful dress concept of The Selection series books, but I’m particularly fond of The One, The Heir and The Crown.

Rounding out my list of eye-catching colours with two books I’ve read and two books I want to read.

Please leave a link to your TTT Cover Freebie in the comments below! I LOVE discovering new beautiful book covers (and clearly have no problem judging a book by its cover, as much as they say you shouldn’t!)

29 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Book Cover Bliss

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  1. The Firebird series probably has THE prettiest covers. Maybe ever. I just looooove them. The colors are simply stunning.

    And I say this without shame, but the Selection is one of my favorite series. And the covers are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. (:

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    1. Agreed and agreed! I can’t get enough of the firebird book covers. The cover is actually the reason I read the first one. I’ve got them all in digital form from the library, wish I had some beautiful physical copies to display! So instead I admire them on my blog instead 🙂

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  2. Omg the Selection series are GORGEOUS.😍 I’ve only read the first but I’m 500% going to read them all just because cover appreciation haha. I also adore the Claudia Gray covers! TALK ABOUT ARTISTIC GLORY AHHHHH.😍

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  3. Oh man I just watched a Youtube video with the artist who designed the cover for The Sun is Also a Star and it is AMAZING.

    I also love the cover of Made You Up! And A Thousand Pieces of You!
    Cover color goals.

    Here’s my TTT!


  4. This was such an aesthetically pleasing post! I am in love with the Firebird covers, they’re sooo gorgeous! I’ve also incorporated Queens of Geek in my own TTT post! It’s such a simple cover – literally just pink hair lol – but something about it just looks so pretty in my eyes! Great post ❤

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  5. OMG the Firebird covers are actually so stunning! I’ve seen them before, but I didn’t really realize haha.

    I really like covers that are kinda cartoony-ish. I don’t know how to describe it. The type I REALLY like are probably around the scheme of Of Fire and Stars + The Seafarer’s Kiss.

    Another book cover I really like is The Winner’s Kiss. Maybe it’s because it’s one of my favorites? Who knows 🙂

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