My Ratings System

I really really struggle with rating books using a star system like on Goodreads. With a 5 star system, it feels like ratings are all very black and white, while they should have more shades of gray.  I try to reserve 5 stars for only the best of the best books,  and if there’s a book I really didn’t like, it’s easy enough to give it 1 star. But I have a really hard time with the in-between. The 2-4 stars range is very hard for me. Sometimes I can’t decide where it should go and most of the time (don’t ask me why!) I feel a little mean giving a book I rather enjoyed 3 stars.  Whatever the reason, my Goodreads shelves are filled with 3 and 4 star books and I don’t feel it gives a very good representation of my true feelings.  For my blog I’ve tried to develop a ratings system I feel more comfortable with, that allows me to give more in-betweens. (And as a teacher, I feel right at home with a grade system!)

And I should mention that these ratings are based on my personal feelings about the book, and not a commentary on its literary importance.


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