Tricky Chances by Camryn Eyde

Book: Tricky Chances

Author: Camryn Eyde

Series: Tricky series




Moving into the final years of Harvard Medical School, Darcy Wright matures with every fatigue-riddled experience she endures, however, the rigorous schedule of clinical rotations clashes with her attempts to navigate her sanity and her happiness. Olivia, her temperamental girlfriend with too many rules, is an asset amidst the chaos; someone she can rely on and someone she can support in return, but can their relationship withstand the intensifying pressure?
Tested by exhaustion and Olivia’s troubled past, Darcy does what she can to hold on to the woman she loves, but misunderstandings and frayed emotions expose and amplify rifts between them. Surely no relationship can withstand the ambitious tunnel-visioned life of a medical student?
New chances, new friends, and a new understanding of how precious life is helps Darcy through the maze of med school. The question is, can she make it out the other side without irreparable psychological damage? And when everything seems to fall apart, will Olivia still be with her at the end?

The long-awaited sequel to Eyde’s Tricky Wisdom, the story of medical students Darcy and Olivia is finally here. If you loved Tricky Wisdom, you’ll love Tricky Chances just as much –  if not more. This book was fun, it was touching, it was sweet and it was sexy.

Darcy and Olivia still have fantastic chemistry, but their relationship is as complicated as ever! Olivia seems to have taken a couple steps back at the start of this novel, as she seems to be a bit more like her pre-med-school self, closed off and very hot and cold. This allows for a lot of tension and a lot of development, for both Olivia and Darcy.

The side characters were more involved in this book, and I really came to like Taylor (of whom I was NOT a fan in Tricky Wisdom) and I enjoyed getting to know a bit more about Kara.  Sam was a great addition too (though I don’t understand Darcy’s reluctance to tell him about her relationship!). I’m curious to see what will happen to the three of them in the future, and it seemed as if Eyde was possibly setting up for a spin-off focusing on Taylor. I would definitely read that (especially if Kara is involved)!

This book was much longer than the first, which sometimes made it difficult to keep track of the span of time it was covering. But overall this was great because these are books that you just don’t want to finish! I was left at the end of Tricky Wisdom wanting more, and Tricky Chances certainly delivered!

I really like the way this book wrapped up but there’s another book coming and I’m looking forward to seeing what else is in store for the lovely ladies.



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